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Educational Material

In addition to the respective summary of product characteristics and the package leaflet, educational material approved by the national authorities is also available for some medac products.

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Key rheumatological treatment improved

Rheumatic diseases imply a range of chronic treatment needs across a broad spectrum of patients. With the optimisation of a key treatment in this area, medac has succeeded in bringing a significant improvement to patients' quality of life.

Addressing unmet needs with urological therapies

Urology is a focus area of highest importance for medac. We have been active in this field from almost the very beginning of our company and are focused on supplying a range of proprietary products that address a variety of unmet therapeutic needs.

Innovative and life-saving treatment options

Hematology is a focus area of high importance for medac. To find new treatment approaches for rare diseases, medac addresses critical needs in hematology and has developed innovative products for therapies before and after stem cell transplantation.

Quality and innovation in supporting cancer care

Oncology has been a key focus and cornerstone of medac's success story throughout our corporate history. We have a strong, decades-long track record of reliable supply of medicinal products and supportive therapeutics across a range of oncological indications.

Improving human health, today and tomorrow

At medac group, we believe that health is humanity’s most valuable resource. We never take it for granted. Since 1970, our mission has been to improve patients’ quality of life worldwide by making the best medical treatments available.

Regionally rooted: from Wedel to the world

From local niche product distribution to biopharmaceutical in-house manufacturing: explore the medac growth story that starts in 1970.

Guiding medac into the future: our leadership

As a private company emerging from the SME sector, we follow a value-oriented management strategy based on trust and partnership.


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