Innovative and life-saving treatment options in hematology

Hematology is a focus area of high importance for medac. Related diseases affect both children and adults and are inherently life-threatening. We are committed to exploring new treatment approaches for orphan indications with limited to no treatment options. For example, we identified and addressed critical unmet needs in high-dose chemotherapy prior to allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
Innovative and life-saving treatment options in hematology

Pushing the boundaries of hematological therapy

Our involvement in the field of hematology started over 20 years ago. We have focused our long-standing expertise on the development of proprietary clinical innovation, leading to the recent approval of a product used in the conditioning therapy prior to allogeneic stem cell transplantation. With this product, medac succeeded in clinically improving a substance that has been well studied in terms of its toxicity profile and tolerability. As a result it also provides access to a potentially life-saving therapy option (stem cell transplantation) for patient groups who were previously ineligible for this last potentially curative therapy option. This especially applies to elderly and co-morbid patients as well as children with malignant and non-malignant diseases.

New momentum

Prior to this new therapy standard from medac for these fragile patient groups, there had been no real progress in conditioning therapy ahead of an allogeneic stem cell transplant for years. This example illustrates how we at medac identify and address clinical needs in a targeted manner in order to improve the lives and treatment options for patients.

Expertise in hematology

Today, medac has profound expertise in hematology and a very broad portfolio around our focus products, with a reputation as an exceptionally reliable partner that offers the highest level of service. Through the years of research and development, medac has built up an extensive network of specialists, opinion leaders, and therapists, who form the foundation for further research and the expansion of therapeutic areas based on the identified clinical need. Furthermore, not only do we support clinical trials and other research to expand the use of our products in hematology, but we also support education and knowledge transfer to the medical field. This is how we ensure that even more patients can benefit from our products.

Providing reliability

By manufacturing according to European quality standards, we can guarantee that our products used worldwide are of high quality and stability. The reliable supply also plays a key role in the development of new products. Our efforts to continuously optimise production processes have ultimately led to the development of products, that address patients’ as well as clinical needs in a targeted manner.

Innovative cell therapy to fight GvHD

Another clinical need that we identified and addressed at medac is the steroid refractory acute graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) in patients following allogeneic stem cell transplantation. In GvHD, the donor's immune cells recognise the recipient's cells as foreign and attack them. Currently, medac is developing a cell therapy for this life-threatening disease. An exemption permit from the responsible German authority allows medac to distribute this product in Germany and underlines our innovative mindset.

Information for patients

Educational Material

In addition to the respective summary of product characteristics and the package leaflet, educational material approved by the national authorities is also available for some medac products. The educational material published below is the educational material approved in the respective EU Member State.

Our Focus Areas


Key rheumatological treatment improved

Rheumatic diseases imply a range of chronic treatment needs across a broad spectrum of patients. With the optimisation of a key treatment in this area, medac has succeeded in bringing a significant improvement to patients' quality of life.


Addressing unmet needs with urological therapies

Urology is a focus area of highest importance for medac. We have been active in this field from almost the very beginning of our company and are focused on supplying a range of proprietary products that address a variety of unmet therapeutic needs.


Quality and innovation in supporting cancer care

Oncology has been a key focus and cornerstone of medac's success story throughout our corporate history. We have a strong, decades-long track record of reliable supply of medicinal products and supportive therapeutics across a range of oncological indications.


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