Shaping the future: responsibility, integrity, and diversity

At medac, the respectful treatment of our customers, patients, partners, employees, and resources is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise our ethical and social responsibilities as a business. Our commitment ranges from sustainable supply chains and environmental initiatives to a diverse work environment in an appreciative, safe and respectful working atmosphere. Together we can build a future that is responsible, sustainable and diverse.
Shaping the future: responsibility, integrity, and diversity

Our commitment to a sustainable supply chain

At medac, we are passionately and responsibly committed to sustainable and ethical business practices, particularly in relation to our supply chains. In accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in our global markets, such as the German Supply Chain Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz, LkSG), we are committed to careful review and design of our supply chains. The aim is to meet human rights and environmental due diligence obligations to minimise risks to people and the environment.

As a supplier of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, we are regularly asked by our customers, who have had to comply with the LkSG since 1 January 2023, how we ensure compliance with the German Supply Chain Act. If you receive enquiries of this kind, please contact our Human Rights Board at medac immediately. All activities in this regard must be coordinated with them. You can reach the team at LkSG@medac.de.

Green future, safe work: our HSE promise

As a forward-looking pharmaceutical company, we take our responsibility for health, safety and the environment seriously. At medac, we take the highest safety measures for the occupational safety of our employees. When dealing with hazardous substances, such as CMR substances, which include cytostatics, professional handling is of paramount importance. We ensure that all occupational health procedures are followed. Find out more in our HSE policy.

Our overall commitment to sustainability is reflected in our proactive approach to using resources efficiently and to minimising negative impacts on the environment and climate. We are committed to continuous improvement and are working towards our long-term aim of creating internationally applicable standards. Thanks to our ISO 14001 environmental management system, we have already made important contributions to our major goal of climate neutrality. Following our aspiration for further improvement, we have introduced the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system and the ISO 50001 energy management system in Germany. These new standardised processes contribute to better occupational health and safety, more efficient use of our energy resources and a reduction in our environmental footprint. We have also implemented a cloud-based software solution that enables us to efficiently manage all our health, safety, environment and sustainability management requirements.

Our sustainability strategy is closely linked to our business success. Through a materiality analysis, we identify the key sustainability issues that have both an internal and external impact on our business.


The strong interest of our employees in sustainability issues is reflected in the positive response to corporate sustainability initiatives such as our internal sustainability challenge at medac. Across the markets we are active in, we engage intensively in the improvement of our ecological footprint, as for instance with the development of a publicly accessible parking garage at our headquarters in Wedel that will provide geothermal heat for our operations.

Find out more about our sustainability engagement on our local websites.

Ethics as a foundation: our value system in the Code of Conduct

Our code of Conduct sets out the values that underpin the way we do business and work together. This code reflects our core philosophy of putting people first. We are committed to providing high-quality, safe products that improve the health of patients around the world. Our work is characterised by reliability and a strong sense of responsibility.

Our Code of Conduct is a living document and the basis for the trust that patients, healthcare professionals, partners and customers place in us. And it is the key to our business success. All employees of medac are called upon to observe and implement the defined rules of conduct in their daily work in order to jointly ensure the integrity and long-term success of our company.

For more details see our current Code of Conduct.

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Diversity connects: equality and inclusion

We are a strong community of exceptional people from different countries, with diverse backgrounds, strengths and talents, united by our deep motivation to make a difference in healthcare. As an employer, it is our firm belief that by connecting, we can achieve more. And we are dedicated to providing an environment in which each and every member of our community feels valued and has equal opportunities for success and growth – regardless of where they come from, what they think or what they believe. At medac, we are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Among other things, we pay particular attention to the advancement of women in leadership positions – they make up almost 60% of our workforce. This development underlines our commitment to gender equality and shows that talent and performance are recognised and encouraged at medac regardless of gender.

We see great potential in other areas of diversity, particularly the integration of employees with disabilities. Our dedicated Disabled Employees Representative Council ensures that the working environment is inclusive and accessible to everybody.

A diverse workforce contributes to innovative solutions and value-driven collaboration. Embracing all dimensions of diversity, we are continuously working to ensure a working culture of respect, acceptance and mutual support.

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Workplace culture: committed to professional development

As an employer, we have a deep understanding that our people are at the centre of our success to our common goal. Our commitment to personal and professional development is reflected in our extensive range of programmes and initiatives aimed at bringing out the best in everybody for our joint success.

As we continue to drive further development, we have already achieved important strategic goals: our HR tools are state of the art for a modern working environment. We have set an important course for the future in creating an innovative work concept, including new workplace design, flexible working models and the introduction of group-wide training programmes.

We invite talented people to become part of our community, which fosters creativity and diversity and encourages each individual to reach their full potential.

Read more about working at medac.

Worldwide support: funding and scholarships

Around the world, medac sponsors research institutions, award scholarships and prizes, and supports research projects. We also support professional organisations and associations in their work in the markets in which we operate.

For more information on our community involvement, please visit our country websites.

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Improving human health, today and tomorrow

At medac group, we believe that health is humanity’s most valuable resource. We never take it for granted. Since 1970, our mission has been to improve patients’ quality of life worldwide by making the best medical treatments available.


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