Quality and innovation in supporting cancer care

Oncology has been a key focus and cornerstone of medac's success story throughout our corporate history. We have a strong track record of decades of reliable supply of medicinal products and supportive therapeutics across a wide range of diverse oncological indications. In addition to exceptional manufacturing capabilities, medac has many years of experience in market access, distribution, and sales.
Quality and innovation in supporting cancer care

Broad range of oncology products

From new drug formulations to targeted therapies, every pharmaceutical innovation at medac is based on our commitment to efficacy, safety, and to improving the overall quality of life for people facing a cancer diagnosis. We are proud to contribute time and time again to the advancement of treatment options available to oncologists and their patients. Today, we cover a broad range of first-, second- and third-line therapies for a variety of oncological indications, even helping neurosurgeons to remove brain tumours by visualising the tumour tissue with a proprietary drug during surgery.

Highest standards in products and services

At medac, we have a portfolio of numerous therapies that address the very diverse range of patients' needs in oncology. All medac products are manufactured in compliance with European quality standards, with proven safety and efficacy. Although some of the products themselves have been around for a long time, there is constant innovation in support services and adherence initiatives.

Increasing the global reach

Through the widespread availability and accessibility of our products, we are contributing to global efforts to make important oncological treatments available to a greater number of patients. In doing so, we also focus on initiatives or partnerships with other companies as well as the scientific community that increase the global reach of our medicines.

Our Products

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Information for patients

Educational Material

In addition to the respective summary of product characteristics and the package leaflet, educational material approved by the national authorities is also available for some medac products. The educational material published below is the educational material approved in the respective EU Member State.

Our Focus Areas


Key rheumatological treatment improved

Rheumatic diseases imply a range of chronic treatment needs across a broad spectrum of patients. With the optimisation of a key treatment in this area, medac has succeeded in bringing a significant improvement to patients' quality of life.


Addressing unmet needs with urological therapies

Urology is a focus area of highest importance for medac. We have been active in this field from almost the very beginning of our company and are focused on supplying a range of proprietary products that address a variety of unmet therapeutic needs.


Innovative and life-saving treatment options

Hematology is a focus area of high importance for medac. To find new treatment approaches for rare diseases, medac addresses critical needs in hematology and has developed innovative products for therapies before and after stem cell transplantation.


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