High-quality pharmaceutical products and services worldwide

At medac, we work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of our patients with therapies that are of the highest quality and safety. People are at the centre of everything we do. Their needs define our mission: To make essential treatments available.
High-quality pharmaceutical products and services worldwide

What we do: our capabilities

Our focus is on improving established pharmaceutical products and diagnostics as well as on developing new medicines in the fields of rheumatology, urology, haematology, and oncology. We also have in-depth expertise in the diagnosis of infectious and oncological diseases. As a highly experienced manufacturer, distributor and marketer, we are not only committed and passionate about supporting our patients, but also seek close dialogue with our customers and partners in our global network. We endeavour to support each other, united in our common goal of providing exceptional solutions - to improve human health.

A diverse portfolio: improvement and innovation

Our broad portfolio focuses on proven active ingredients that we are continuously enhancing. In specific niches with a strong therapeutic need, we are developing new drugs and application systems with high patient benefit. For example, we have strong experience in the development of cell therapies. Another field of high therapeutic need is the development of biosimilars for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

The medical expertise we have acquired over many years is evident, for example, in the treatment of bladder cancer, where we have accomplished pioneering work. Our adjuvant therapy with a closed instillation system is now the global gold standard in the treatment of this common tumour disease.

In addition to our generic products, we at medac have developed our own products, which have made a significant contribution to medical progress. Since our founding in 1970, we have believed in local and European production and have never considered relocating our manufacturing facilities to non-European countries. With our two subsidiaries, oncotec GmbH in Dessau and oncomed a.s. in Brno, Czech Republic, we produce highly effective drugs such as cytostatics. 

Strong, internationally growing network

Headquartered in Germany, we are represented in various European countries, including Denmark, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Iceland and the Czech Republic. We also have representative offices in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Norway as well as subsidiaries and holdings in France, Italy, the UK and Japan. This global network enables us to make our therapies and services accessible far beyond the borders of Germany and to realise our vision of safe medical care for the benefit of our patients worldwide. Our commitment to security of supply through efficient goods logistics and a stable supply chain is at the centre of our strategy.

As an internationally growing company emerging from the SME sector, we attach particular importance to strong personal relationships with our partners. The exchange of ideas at eye level and the efficient pooling of expertise to realise our shared vision are of central importance to our philosophy.

Our aim is to make our treatments available worldwide. Therefore, we are expanding our network globally and are establishing new, valuable partnerships in order to tap into market potential around the world. Looking to the future, we see great opportunities, particularly in the markets of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas.

Through our partnerships and international presence, together, we can improve the health of patients all over the world. And work together on the shared vision of offering pioneering therapies and innovative solutions wherever they are needed.


Partnership: working together for the best therapies of tomorrow

Our corporate vision is to improve human health – also as a reliable partner in cooperation with you. With a history as a medium-sized pharmaceutical company, we are proud of our globally-oriented product development, which encompasses a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience. Always open to new technologies, we relentlessly work on increasing the agility and efficiency of our approach through continuous process optimisation.

We can help find the optimal solution for unmet market needs for the benefit of patients. Our modular cooperation model enables us to work with start-ups, biotech and pharmaceutical companies in various settings – from full product development to the final approval steps.

The services we offer at medac include strategic planning, targeted due diligence, gap analyses, the design of comprehensive product development plans and an established network of key opinion leaders, academics, non-profit organisations, experts and patient representatives.


Our holistic expertise: the path to an approved, marketable product


Our strategy for the future

In business development, we have a clear vision: our strategy for the future comprises a bundle of tasks and processes aimed at developing and realising growth opportunities. Our aim is to create sustainable added value – for patients in need.

We focus on ongoing proprietary development projects, including the further development of generics and other innovative therapeutics. Our achievements are proof of our success: We are, for instance, the global market leader in a specific treatment of autoimmune diseases. But we aspire to be more, especially in the expansion of our biosimilar niche portfolio. In addition, we have developed special expertise in the field of cell therapy, particularly in the stem cell transplantation for haematological diseases in children and adults. Our portfolio includes a conditioning product for transplantation and a cell product for the therapy of acute Graft-versus-Host Disease.

To this end, we are utilising a clever mix of in-licensing and in-house development. Our strategic approaches are carefully tailored to our core products and focus areas.

We are proud to have established a balanced and commercially orientated portfolio that carefully takes into account risks, short, medium and long-term profitability and complexity. Our focus for the future is on expanding our B2B business, actively looking for strategic partnerships to strengthen our network with authorities, key opinion leaders and scientific institutions. These strategic partnerships are the cornerstone of our proactive out-licensing business – they ensure that our expertise consistently contributes to global developments.

In order to become even more efficient and effective, we will drive digitalisation in our company. Our digital roadmap envisions establishing a centralised platform for data analysis and monitoring in order to promote data-driven decisions. This will enable us to obtain important information in real time and act proactively on this basis. Our digital strategy also includes the differentiation of order development processes and the implementation of a data management system to secure mission-critical business data. Our digital initiatives enable us to optimise our business processes, increase our competitiveness and drive innovation.

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Regionally rooted: from Wedel to the world

From local niche product distribution to biopharmaceutical in-house manufacturing: explore the medac growth story that starts in 1970.


Responsibility, integrity, and diversity at medac

Our corporate commitment ranges from sustainable supply chains and environmental initiatives to a diverse and appreciative work environment.


Guiding medac into the future: our leadership

As a private company emerging from the SME sector, we follow a value-oriented management strategy based on trust and partnership.


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